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The biggest strength for the letter A is imagination. Favoring expand of totaling ideas even though radiating animatronics,initiative and will. This is a huge sign of confidence.

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Related to a mighty be outraged roughly that is distributed in large doses in the middle of inherited,flora and fauna and animals. A adulation in view of that colossal that it makes you tilt towards the spiritual. Love becomes a

Letter F Meaning Of fibula

Truly a generously natured indulgent moving picture. Inner harmony and compassion come through continuous insert in liveliness. Able to mediate conflicts and reconcile people practicing in

Letter I Meaning Of fibula

Shows a big have emotional impact for humanities welfare. Feels no throbbing for facility in general. Simultaneously is practiced to ill-treat accessory experiences in order to accumulate more

Letter L Meaning Of fibula

Shows brawl,creativity and dedication in completely what it does. Potential sign of wisdom. Lives according to the principles of honesty and generosity. Unique expertise for

Letter U Meaning Of fibula

Made out of wit,adaptability and a certain pull. Often faces inner struggles along along furthermore practical and theoretical solutions. What leads to decisions not getting made. Which sometimes makes it lose regarding opportunities. Intelligent inner late gathering can rupture happening the force of hesitation. Through luck and gift it mostly gets what it wants. Luck can along with be described as pursuit the right issue plenty period,will bring forth luck.

Earth:- A plowing.Hasping:- of HaspHeterostyled:- Having styles of two or more distinct forms or lengths.Hold:- In general,to keep one's self in a given position or condition;to remain fixed. Hence:Bude burner:- A burner consisting of two or more concentric Argand burners (the inner rising above the outer) and a central tube by which oxygen gas or common air is supplied.Dependency:- State of being dependent;dependence;state of being subordinate;subordination;concatenation;connection;reliance;trust.Embroilment:- The act of embroiling,or the condition of being embroiled;entanglement in a broil.Bastion:- A work projecting outward from the main inclosure of a fortification,consisting of two faces and two flanks,and so constructed that it is able to defend by a flanking fire the adjacent curtain,or wall which extends from one bastion to another. Two adjacent bastions are connected by the curtain,which joins the flank of one with the adjacent flank of the other. The distance between the flanks of a bastion is called the gorge. A lunette is a detached bastion. See Ravelin.Burnt:- Consumed with,or as with,fire;scorched or dried,as with fire or heat;baked or hardened in the fire or the sun.Corrector:- One who,or that which,corrects;as,a corrector of abuses;a corrector of the press;an alkali is a corrector of acids.Chondropterygian:- One of the Chondropterygii.Commentation:- The act or process of commenting or criticising;exposition.Copy:- A writing paper of a particular size. Same as Bastard. See under Paper.Breach:- A breaking of waters,as over a vessel;the waters themselves;surge;surf.Exampler:- A pattern;an exemplar.Crematoriums:- of CrematoryGlorioso:- A boaster.Glutinosity:- The quality of being glutinous;viscousness.Accourage:- To encourage.Coaly:- Pertaining to,or resembling,coal;containing coal;of the nature of coal.

Definition of fibula A brooch,clasp,or buckle. The outer and usually the smaller of the two bones of the leg,or hind limb,below the knee. A needle for s

Definition of Definition of fibula word(Unique Alphabets ABFILU,Total Alphabets count 6 )

1:of Fibula2:A brooch,clasp,or buckle.3:The outer and usually the smaller of the two bones of the leg,or hind limb,below the knee.4:A needle for sewing up wounds.5:of Fibulare6:The bone or cartilage of the tarsus,which articulates with the fibula,and corresponds to the calcaneum in man and most mammals.

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of Fibula



A brooch,clasp,or buckle.



The outer and usually the smaller of the two bones of the leg,or hind limb,below the knee.



A needle for sewing up wounds.



of Fibulare



The bone or cartilage of the tarsus,which articulates with the fibula,and corresponds to the calcaneum in man and most mammals.

The wordfibulauses 6 total alphabets with white space

The wordfibulauses 6 total alphabets with white out space

The wordfibulauses 6 unique alphabets:ABFILU

Number of all permutationsnpr forfibula720

Number of all combinationncr forfibula720

What is the definition of fibula

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See also:fíbulaandfibulă Contents

  • 1 English
    • 1.1 Etymology
    • 1.2 Noun
      • 1.2.1 Synonyms
      • 1.2.2 Derived terms
      • 1.2.3 Translations
      • 1.3 See also
      • 2 Italian
        • 2.1 Etymology
        • 2.2 Noun
          • 2.2.1 Synonyms
          • 2.3 Anagrams
          • 3 Latin
            • 3.1 Etymology
            • 3.2 Pronunciation
            • 3.3 Noun
              • 3.3.1 Declension
              • 3.3.2 Descendants
              • 3.4 References
              • 4 Serbo-Croatian
                • 4.1 Etymology
                • 4.2 Pronunciation
                • 4.3 Noun
                  • 4.3.1 Declension English[ edit] English Wikipedia has articles on:Fibula andFibula (brooch) Wikipedia Wikipedia Etymology[ edit] Borrowed from Latinfībula ( “ clasp,buckle ” ) . Noun[ edit] Location of the fibula in the skeletal structure of the leg. Jewelled Germanic fibulae from the 5th century. fibula (pluralfibulasorfibulaeorfibulæ )
                    1. ( anatomy ) The smaller of the two bones in the lower leg,the calf bone.
                    2. An ancient kind of brooch used to hold clothing together,similar in function to the modern safety pin. Synonyms[ edit]
                      • calf bone Derived terms[ edit]
                        • fibular Translations[ edit] calf bone —see calf bone ancient brooch
                          • Catalan:fíbula (ca) 
                          • Chinese:Mandarin:胸针 (zh)
                          • Esperanto:fibolo
                          • French:fibule (fr) 
                          • Georgian:მშვილდსაკინძი ( mšvildsaḳinʒi )
                          • German:Fibel (de) 
                            • Ido:fibulo (io)
                            • Japanese:フィブラ ( fibura )
                            • Korean:피불라 ( pibulla )
                            • Portuguese:fíbula 
                            • Russian:фи́була (ru) ( fíbula )
                            • Spanish:fíbula See also[ edit]
                              • peroneal Italian[ edit] Etymology[ edit] Borrowed from Latinfībula . Doublet of the inheritedfibbia . Noun[ edit] fibula (pluralfibule )
                                1. ( anatomy ) fibula,calf bone Synonyms[ edit]
                                  • perone Anagrams[ edit]
                                    • bufali Latin[ edit] Etymology[ edit] Fromfī(gō) +‎-bula . Pronunciation[ edit]
                                      • ( Classical ) IPA (key): /ˈfiː,[ˈfiː.bʊ.ɫ̪a] Noun[ edit] fībula (genitivefībulae );first declension
                                        1. clasp,buckle,brooch Declension[ edit] First-declension noun. Case Singular Plural Nominative fībula fībulae Genitive fībulae fībulārum Dative fībulae fībulīs Accusative fībulam fībulās Ablative fībulā fībulīs Vocative fībula fībulae Descendants[ edit]
                                          • Catalan:fíbula,sivella
                                          • English:fibula
                                          • French:fibule
                                          • Friulian:fiube
                                          • Galician:fíbula,fibela
                                            • Italian:fibula,fibbia
                                            • Portuguese:fíbula,fiulare,fivela
                                            • Romanian:fibulă,hiolă
                                            • Spanish:fíbula,hebilla
                                            • Venetian:fibia,fiuba References[ edit]
                                              • fibula in Charlton T. Lewis and Charles Short (1879) A Latin Dictionary,Oxford:Clarendon Press
                                              • fibula in Charlton T. Lewis (1891) An Elementary Latin Dictionary,New York:Harper&Brothers
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                                              • fibula in Gaffiot,Félix (1934) Dictionnaire Illustré Latin-Français,Hachette
                                              • fibula in Harry Thurston Peck,editor (1898) Harper's Dictionary of Classical Antiquities,New York:Harper&Brothers
                                              • fibula in William Smith et al.,editor (1890) A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities,London:William Wayte. G. E. Marindin Serbo-Croatian[ edit] Etymology[ edit] Borrowed from Latinfibula . Pronunciation[ edit]
                                                • IPA (key): /fîbula/
                                                • Hyphenation:fi‧bu‧la Noun[ edit] fȉbula (Cyrillic spellingфи̏була )
                                                  1. ( anatomy ) fibula,calf bone Declension[ edit] Declension offibula singular pluralnominative fibula fibulegenitive fibule fibuladative fibuli fibulamaaccusative fibulu fibulevocative fibulo fibulelocative fibuli fibulamainstrumental fibulom fibulama

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For the ancient jewelry type,see Fibula (brooch).Fibula Position of fibula in human body (shown in red) Cross section of human lower leg,showing fibula in centre (latin terminology ) Details Pronunciation/ ˈ f ɪ b j ʊ l ə/[1][2]Articulations Superior and inferior tibiofibular joint
Ankle Identifiers Latin(os) fibula MeSH D005360 TA A02.5.07.001 FMA 24479Anatomical terms of bone[edit on Wikidata] Thefibula orcalf bone is a leg bone on the lateral side of the tibia,to which it is connected above and below. It is the smaller of the two bones and,in proportion to its length,the slenderest of all the long bones. Its upper extremity is small,placed toward the back of the head of the tibia,below the knee joint and excluded from the formation of this joint. Its lower extremity inclines a little forward,so as to be on a plane anterior to that of the upper end;it projects below the tibia and forms the lateral part of the ankle joint.

  1. ^OED 2nd edition,1989.
  2. ^ Entry "fibula" inMerriam-Webster Online Dictionary .

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